Mistresses Play, Men Stray, Wives Stay

4:49 PM

So you're interested? Which are you among the three? Well, I don't need your answer. It just popped into my mind to write about what is happening for some. This is my continuation regarding my previous post and this is going to be an open letter for all the mistresses who play, husbands who stray, and wives who stay. 

Dear Mistresses, nobody cares about your reason. Where is your self-respect? Are you that selfish to ruin somebody's family? I hope you're not that insensitive, too. Do you seek attention? Then, why not visit a carnival? Is it okay to call you "a woman with low standards of cleanliness"? Whatever your reason, it is very inconsiderate of you to be in a relationship with a married man. Do you want to have a family of your own? Are you afraid of karma? Do you care about your reputation? After answering these questions, I hope you don't pity yourself. 

Dear Mistresses, you are beautiful inside out. You are not selfish, insensitive, attention seeker, and you have high standards of cleanliness. Although, you should never throw away your self-respect. First, respect yourself, and if you don't others won't either. Remember, the world sees what you reveal, so hold yourself to high standard of grace and elegance. 

Dear Husbands, whatever your reason, your wife and children "cares". Are you that ruthless to destroy your own family? Does your family have any value to you? I believe that sexual temptation would be the main reason for most men to be unfaithful. Women are by no means immune from sexual temptation. Men struggle, however, with sexual temptation to a much greater degree. Hence, regardless of strong or mild temptation and gender, sexual temptation should be overcome.

Dear Husbands, you are a great man. You are not ruthless and you value your family. Men with integrity are highly respected. You must have that courage to resist any temptation. I know you  appreciate your wives dearly and you are strong enough to do the right thing. It's mind over matter. If you are fed up with the negative things, just reminisce the good ones with your family. That should help a lot!

Dear Wives, know your spouse's needs. Sometimes, it is not only about sex. Be responsible and take good care of your family. The timeless truth of submission will take the tug-of-war out of a marriage. In my opinion, when a wife ceases from pulling against her husband, the struggle will stop. 

Dear Wives, try your best to forgive. (I know that "forgetting" is whole different topic). Be a good wife, who knows when her spouse is down. Be patient and kind, not boastful or proud. Do not be impolite or selfish. Always believe, hope and persevere. Remember that you are an amazing creature who ever lived. Cheers!

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