9 Things That Every Mistresses Should Understand

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Having an affair with a married man is not morally accepted — nobody wishes to be cheated on. The mistress is enabling a man to cheat on his wife. This is one of the reasons for making sure that the affair remains essentially meaningless. Rules must be set and respected: the affair should be ended once he thinks about leaving his wife.

Women who are entering an affair must choose a man who makes her feel wonderful; she must choose a man who makes her laugh, a man who is good in bed, not a man who can make her fall in love with. An affair is about feeling good; maybe that is why some are engaging in it because feeling good (short-term happiness) is what they lacked. Without further ado, here are 9 things that every mistresses should understand:

Things Mistresses Should Know

1. Accept that you are the other woman. This does not mean that you are the only other woman. So, act accordingly.

2. Focus only on the stolen moments. Do not concern yourself about his whereabouts. His life outside of your time together is not your concern. Your life is trapped with lies. It is a nightmare that is certainly hard to escape.

3. Never mention his wife, as she is not your concern. Never compare yourself to the main woman in any way; you're a piece of trash compared to her. She is the WIFE for a reason. You are also the MISTRESS for a reason.

4. Maintaining a positive vibe is vital to the success of your "relationshit". No nagging about promises that he didn't keep. You are living in lies already, so never expect for promises to be kept.  He probably promised his wife that he will never have a mistress.

5. Never expect that you can blast your "relationshit" to the world. Avoid inviting him to your work/family functions or events. Remember, he is not someone you should be proud of and vice versa.

6. Never ask about "where this relationshit is headed?" You may read  number 1 again. You entered it, so find the exit. ;)

7. Accept that he's still sleeping with his significant other, and yes, they do not use condoms. You can never have all of him for yourself. The wife is the one sharing her man unknowingly, not the mistress.

8. Remember that he is not interested in bringing a child into your "relationshit". An unplanned pregnancy will not force a relationship commitment of any kind from him nor will it guarantee a promotion to main chick status for you. You are a short-term happiness.

9. Do not expect a marriage proposal.
Yes, maybe he saw something in you that he did not see in his wife, but that does not mean that he will leave his wife for you.
If you choose to enter into a "relationshit" with someone, you should not get emotionally attached, as things won't be easy for you if and when you separate ways.

Being a mistress might be exciting... at first. However, allowing yourself to be a mistress is also allowing yourself to be broken, miserable, and insufficient. Be with someone who respects you and knows your worth not with someone who takes advantage of you and treats you a pennyworth.

Do you have other things in mind that mistresses should know? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below. Stay smart!

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