10 Signs That Your Lover Is Not A Keeper

3:49 PM

Who wouldn't want to have a perfect relationship? I believe everybody wishes for a lover who would treat us far more than what we deserve. Nevertheless, there are deceivers everywhere that could easily break your innocent heart. Here are few indications that your lover may be not a keeper:

1. Your "babe" does not like PDA (Public Display of Affection).
If your lover truly loves you, he/she will not refuse to show you any form of affection in public.

2. Your "baby" does not show any fascination about your interests.
A true lover will try his/her best to learn about your interests and at the same time, share his/her interests as well.

3. Your "sweetie" is the only one who controls the preferred time and place for a rendezvous.
A true lover would want to meet you 24/7 if possible. If your lover often wants to meet you late in the evening, then probably, he/she just desires a FuBu.

4. Your "honey" does not praise your achievements.
He/she does not care even about your simple accomplishments.

5. Your "cupcake" unconsiously treats you like you are his/her slave.
He/she is always on the wheel and does not care about your opinion. 

6. Your "snowflakes" does not want to meet your parents.
He/she simply makes excuses all the time to avoid meeting them.

7. Your "honeybunch" does not want your excessive cling towards them.
He/she wants to keep things casual in the relationship.

8. Your "bae" avoids discussion about the future with you.
He/she prefers to go with the flow under any circumstances throughout the course of relationship.

9. Your "sugar" treats you inconsistently.
A true lover who wants to be in a strong relationship is willing to adjust for you.

10. Your "sweetheart" is too good to be true.

He/she is smooth like a baby's skin; however, you can see the lies in his/her eyes.

These are only some of the common traits of a "player" within a relationship not all players act the same. 

If you can identify the majority of these traits in your partner, then at least you will have to decide for yourself. The questions are: do you want to pursue this type of relationship? Or do you want a geniune and rewarding relationship?

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