Game: Life's Random Choices

4:31 PM

Feeling bored? I prepared a list of life's random choices for you. You can comment your answer below if you want. It doesn't matter if you have your explanation or not but I encourage you to just pick one and give yourself only 2 seconds to answer to make it more exciting! Enjoy! ;))

(Note: These are just random questions. Your answer depends on your own understanding.)

Let me start!:)

1. Love or Money? Love:x

2. Faithfulness or Loyalty? Faithfulness :-?
3. Honesty or Integrity? Integrity
4. Motivated or Manipulated? Motivated B-)
5. Excel or Compete? Compete
6. Mortal or Immortal? Immortal @-)
7. Day or Night? Day
8. Land or Sea? Land
9. Dogs or Cats? Dogs
10. Talk or Listen? Listen :-$
11. Known or Unknown? Known
12. Talented or Skillful? Talented :D
13. Bitter or Sweet? Sweet
14. Bottom or top? Bottom :P
15. Cheap or Expensive? Cheap
16. Cold or Hot? Cold
17. Conceal or Reveal? Conceal
18. Dangerous or Safe? Safe
19. Dusk or Dawn? Dawn
20. Empty or Full? Empty
21. First or Last? Last
22. Give or Receive? Give :-*
23. Important or Trivial? Trivial
24. Lenient or Strict? Lenient
25. Messy or Neat? Neat
26. North or South? North
27. Permanent or Temporary? Permanent
28. Sunny or Cloudy? Cloudy
29. White or Black? Black
30. Young or Old? Young;;)

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