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8:33 PM

Love Poem

We've met in an event, 
we were completely strangers back then.
Months later, we've met again. 
This time, my world suddenly stopped turnin'.

We had dinner, it all started there. 
You and I made a good couple, I swear.
Almost everyday we've been together, 
it seems like we were seeing no other.

We did nothing but laugh,
no dull moments and I couldn't thank you enough. 
Looking in your eyes I can see eternity,
but a lot has changed, unfortunately.

We'll still be seeing the same sun and moon,
I'm wishing you're beside me this afternoon. 
I'll always be your sweetest lady,
I'll never stop making you feel steady 
when everything else is unsteady.

I know it will never be "good-bye",
we will meet again someday and nobody can ask why.
You'll always be in my heart,
regardless of our situation, our souls will never be apart.

Love Poem

[The photo is not mine, I just edited it. Credits to the owner.]

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