8 Benefits of Guest Blogging

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Guest Blogging is writing a blog post to be published on another blog as a temporary featured author. It is a tool that can enhance the author’s reputation and exposure. When you start a new blog, your content might have trouble reaching a wide audience, even if it is top-notch. By offering some posts up for other sites to publish, you can reach more people who can carry over to your site and become subscribers. Let's take a deeper look at the 8 Benefits of Guest Blogging:

1. More traffic to your website.
The biggest benefit associated with guest blogging is the ability to gain a quality backlink. When writing a guest post you will want to include 1 or 2 links in the bio of the article back to your website. These links are the reward for providing high quality content.

2. Meet other Bloggers.
Guest posting not only increases your website traffic but also allows you to connect with other bloggers in your market. This allows future guest posting opportunities, ability to share strageties and allow for feedback on your overall strategy.

3. Improve your writing skills.
Guest blogging also improves your writing. The more content you write, the better the writing skills and so you will be able to write and post more on other blogs.

4. Increase exposure and brand awareness.
Let's say you wrote a guest post on a blog with 20,000 visitors daily and your guest post was viewed 5,000 times. Even though you might not get more than 300 visitors to your blog from that guest post, the truth is your name has just been exposed to 5,000 more people! Yay!

5. Guest posting is great for search engines.
Write a compelling author bio and place a URL link back to your site.

6. Get to know new communities.
Guest posting helps you meet new and interesting groups of people. It allows you to get in into already-established groups (communities), and share your experience.

7. Get more E-mail subscribers.
Because a large portion of the traffic derived from your guest posts is highly targeted, you'll see an instant increase in the number of people who opt in to what you're offering.

8. Generate targeted traffic.
By guest posting on popular blogs in your niche, you'll start seeing a portion of their traffic flow into your blog. Because the authority's blog on which you guest post and your own blog are in a similar niche, visitors will probably be interested in the topics of your content, and some of that traffic will stick on your blog.

Always remember to write a Guest Post ONLY if you have something worth saying — never abuse it! 
How about you? Have your tried Guest Blogging? How's your experience? Leave a comment below and share it!

By the way, I'm accepting guest posts! Let's talk about it.  Contact me here.
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