6 Amazing Beauty Hacks

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Looking for fast, fuss-free, and simple ways to become beautiful? There are a wealth of clever "beauty hacks" to be discovered ― many of them are right in your kitchen, bathroom, or makeup kit! Here's a rundown of six of the hardest-working ingredients out there. You'll be surprised at how many things they can do:

Amazing Beauty Hacks

1. Vaseline
Hands-down, petroleum jelly is the mightiest beauty hack out there. There are literally hundreds of things you can do with it.

Use it for a wide range of quick fixes:

  • Eye make-up remover.
  • Eyelash conditioner (some swear it makes lashes grow).
  • Sub for lip gloss.
  • Rub on split ends between haircuts.
  • Mix with lipstick to make cremé blush for cheeks.
  • Rub over your teeth: Viola, no lipstick stains on your smile!
  • Place on pulse points before applying perfume ― makes it last longer!
  • Massage into elbows and heels to soften cracked skin.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
It is considered a health miracle by many, but it has tons of beauty applications as well.

Try some of these:

  • Rinse your hair with it to remove shampoo build-up. (It prevents dandruff, too!)
  • Use as a skin toner to treat and prevent acne.
  • Use as a detangler (especially great for African-American hair)
  • Apply to dark spots on face to correct hyperpigmentation. (It gets rid of warts and skin tags! Dab on, put band-aid over, repeat for a week.)

3. Coconut Oil
It isn't just for the "Food Network". It works just as hard outside the kitchen. (I'm personally using this)

Have a go at these ideas:

  • Nothing gives you silkier legs than using coconut oil to shave with.
  • Deodorize your body with a rub down of the stuff ― it has antibacterial properties.
  • Rub it into your nails and cuticles to strengthen them.
  • Use it to sooth eczema break outs.
  • It also makes a wonderful lip gloss.
  • Natural and effective makeup remover.

4. Double Duty Makeup
Everyone knows makeup ― the good kind ― can be expensive! Here's how to make your favorite products work twice as hard (and thus be more cost-effective)

Try some of these:

  • Mascara can double as eyeliner. Just dip a thin brush in ― the same as if you were using liquid liner.
  • Hairstylist can't squeeze you in this week? Use mascara to cover gray roots.
  • Blush can work as eye shadow, especially if a more earthy tone.
  • Swipe shimmery eye shadow in a neutral color to set your lipstick. (I've been doing this for more than 3 years already!)

5. Lemons and Acidic Fruits
The acid content in certain fruits makes them particularly juicy in terms of beauty hacking.

Grab some from the bowl and get gorgeous!

  • Lemons can be halved and rubbed on elbows to get rid of discoloration. (Lemon makes a great skin toner and will gradually lighten age spots.)
  • Mix lemon juice with equal parts of water and spritz on hair ― free highlights!
  • Use a slice of pineapple as a loofah in the shower.
  • Apples are filled with pectin, which fights acne.
  • Mash up a strawberry with baking soda and use it to whiten your teeth.

6. Eggs
While you're making breakfast, reserve a few eggs from the carton.

They're really good for your outside as well as inside!

  • Spread egg whites under your eyes, let dry, to remove puffy bags.
  • Have oily skin? An egg-white mask is a great remedy.
  • Use a full egg to make a hair mask for damaged tresses. (You can even make your own natural hair gel using eggs.)
I hope you enjoyed these amazing beauty hacks! Share your thoughts, leave a comment below. Stay fabulous!

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