Wanted: Guest Bloggers!

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Wanted Guest Bloggers

Blogging is never easy as what others think. To be a successful blogger, you must consider these things:

1. A daily self motivation – if you thought blogging was all play, and no serious hard work, then self motivation is the first obstacle to sustaining this profession.

2. Time management – although bloggers have this flexible schedule, we often mess up of our time management because bloggers don't have a strict time to wake up and get ready for work, and neither do they have a specific time when their day ends.

3. Consistent growth and real passion – a blogger needs to consistently evolve, grow, and learn. A blogger has to evolve every single day, learning new ways and platforms to reach out to new subscribers and users. They have to brush up their vocabulary, writing style, image editing, and overall quality, along with the changing times to keep their blog updated and forever interesting.

Having said that, I admit that sometimes, I don't have the motivation / inspiration to write or publish a post for 365 days. And that's why I am now officially inviting those who are interested to be my guest blogger(s)! (You may want to check the benefits of  guest blogging here)

Allow me to walk you through my terms and conditions:

1. Your guest posts are for approval (and I have the right to decline it.)
I normally blog about relationships or life experiences and I want to widen the content of my blog. So any category (food, beauty & health, travel) would do as long as I believe that my readers would enjoy it.

2. Please allow me to edit.
If in case I found any grammatical errors, please give me the right to edit it since it will be posted on my blog. Rest assured that I will just do "minimal editing". In addition, blog post titles should be "clickable", so give me the chance to change your title if I find it not catchy enough. 

3. Attitude of gratitude.
Since your blog post will be featured on my blog, I would greatly appreciate if you would post the photo that I prepared on your social media accounts. (I will also share your blog post on my social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)

That's it! So, are you up for it? Give me a message via Facebook and let's talk. I'd love to hear from you and I hope to work with you soon! :)

Let's widen our circle and let's shine together!

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