15 Words of Wisdom Every Parent Must Give Their Children

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There are many ways to say “I love you” to your children, without actually uttering those three small-but-mighty words. Below are the 15 words of wisdom that parents should give their children. After all, let’s face it. No matter how hard we all try to travel a bump-free path to happiness, life will always present its share of surprise potholes. 

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1. Communication and respect are the foundations for a lasting relationship.

2. Never compare yourself to others. It's a waste of energy. You are unique and have your own gifts to offer the world.

3. Look after your health physical, mental, and spiritual.

4. Set boundaries work, family, and friendships.

5. Expect to fail. Failure is not fatal. Learn the lessons, then get back up and try again.

6. Act with integrity at all times.

7. Know your values.

8. "No" is a complete sentence.

9. You are never alone.

10. Forgive yourself first and then others. We are all in this together.

11. Your attitude is always a choice.

12. Happiness starts within. Do not expect anyone else to make you happy.

13. Change happens. It's one of the great certainties in life. Learn to roll with it.

14. Never give up! Unless of course you’re doing something which might be wrong — then you need to stop.

15. Little stuff matters — manners get you a long way.

Say these phrases in the appropriate situation, and even more importantly, try to prove the truth of them in your actions. If you can manage this, then chances are your kids will be just fine.

It’s incredibly important to raise your child in an atmosphere of love and affection, and to make sure they feel safe. This will have a positive effect on their self-esteem and help them to become strong and self-reliant.

I'm sure you will feel calm knowing that your child has the quality of being worthy of honor or respect.
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