5 Ways To Make Yourself Happier

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Growing up hasn’t been very easy, you’ll meet a lot of people who will either be your friend, enemy or just someone you used to know. You’ll encounter different scenarios that will test if your inner you can make a better version of ‘you’ that will make you wiser, bolder and happier. 

At the age of 20, I’ve been through a lot and I must say I’m proud of myself for my little achievements. Just like everyone else, I have sad and rough days. I remember back when I was in high school, I was bullied, got desperate, had anxiety, nervous breakdown and it came to the worse part that I tried to kill myself by cutting and overdosing. I even wanted to drop out of school because I can’t handle the pain. Yes, I know, I’m too young that time and you know what? I’m really glad I surpassed those stages in my life and now that I’m wiser, bolder and definitely stronger I learned a lot of things that made me where I am right now way much happier.

Below are 5 ways to make yourself happier:
1. Limit your circle
Circle means life and limit means limit. Limit the people who want to be in your circle. You’ll never know the motives of each of them. You’ll never know who wants to stay with you for a long time because you’re you or just want to be in your life because they want something from you.

When I was younger and foolish, I always wanted to be the friends-of-everyone-kind-of-girl, being the popular kid is all that I care for and I don’t even know the reason behind. I became one of the “popular” kids before but then, I was not happy. I thought I will be but I just gained fake friends and my world revolves around gossiping and boys which at first thought was cool but at the long run, I gained bashers and haters. So I learned to strain people in my life and pick the people who wanted to be my friend(s) for real.

2. Don’t let anyone underestimate you
People will always say things about you and let’s be honest, words do hurt the most and sometimes, you’ll carry it through the longest period of time. Learn to not give any crap to whatever people might or will say about you and continue to prove that they’re wrong. Remember, you can’t please everyone.

I always challenge myself to do better in everything. I don’t compete with anyone just FYI but I compete with myself. I want to go overboard with my capabilities. We should keep in mind that we cannot please everyone and people will always find something wrong about you and talk about it for hours because they might be boring with their own lives.

3. Expect less
Expectations lead to desperation. Expect less so you won’t be hurt when reality did not meet your expectations.

Sometimes, I blame being a hopeless romantic to these romantic videos and girly movies and surprise videos that I often watch on YouTube. Honestly, up until now, I’m still watching and wishing that I was in their shoes.

Everything changed when I met the person I’m dating right now. He taught me to be contented and expect less from people, even myself. I suddenly said to myself, “dang girl, he’s right!”

No movie happens in real life because those are already written by the creative minds of the writers; our story is written by the two most talented people in the world: you and God.

4. Little things have greater impact
As we get older, we should take time to lay-low on things, take time to relax and enjoy little things. Start with the simple things like, be thankful for that person who waited for you to get in the elevator, be thankful to the people who made you smile today or your boss who commended you for a job well done. You’ll then realize that these little things mean more than all of these grand things because this will give you more impact in your life.

5. Don’t depend your happiness to others
This is the most important thing. You create your own happiness, you make your choices. No one will give you happiness but yourself. Happiness is a choice, make your own happiness. It’s now or never.

I was an only child and my parents are workaholic so we barely see each other for an entire day, I depend my happiness to my friends, to my blog because I thought without them, I’m nothing. But then I learned to be alone and I thought it was okay. It’s okay to be sad and to be alone. I taught myself to be happy without others. I realize happiness was indeed my choice.


The floor is yours... Do you have any special ways to make yourself happier? Share it with us by commenting it below. We'd love to hear from you.  

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