3 Mistakes People Do That Make Them Look Desperate After Breakups

3:17 PM

Since I have posted some reminders on how to treat yourself better, reminders when you're going through tough times, and ways to handle a heartbreak, let me share this overdue post that I made a year ago about the signs that you're being distressed that leads to being a desperate person.

No one wants to be called a desperate man/woman, but there are things that other people do that make them look like one. They will disregard  everything just to make them feel satisfied. They will pay no heed as long as they can just to prove to others that they're happy rather than see them miserable. To anyone that are having a bad breakup, learn to love yourself first so you could be whole again for the right person. 

Below are some signs that a person is begging for some appreciation:

Photo courtesy of Google; edited by yours truly.

1. They show off everything.
They show to the world that they are just doing fine even if they are literally crying and uncertain inside. They show off imitated happy moments to prove that they are still feeling great. They show off insignificant details and that they're better than others when in fact its just pure insecurity.

2. They act like they're the real deal.
Being dumped is one of the most painful things you could ever experience in a relationship. Being left alone and rejected so many times in your life that they would act like they're the real deal when in reality, they are crashing down and feeling neglected.

3. They cling to a hopeless illusion.
They manipulate their minds that the person who already left them will still come back and fight for them. Being too expectant even if the other person has already ignoring them and frankly not giving a damn anymore.

These are just some signs and there a lot more indications that a person is suffering from desperation. So what can you do to truly feel better? You may click here for some tips.

Remember, if that person truly loves you, he/she will always be there for you, will not let you down, will always choose you, will always fight for you, and will stay with you no matter what. We all have or will have that someone in our lives. Cheer up, dear! Prove them your worth and show them that leaving you was their lost, not yours.

Remember to Dream, Sparkle, and Shine!
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