Awesome Links: Blogging and Social Media

4:12 PM

As a blogger, I love visiting different websites/blogs that can help me grow my ideas about blogging/writing. Along with that, I'd also love to share some links that I believe would be beneficial for other people. So here's a new blog series from called awesome links. I would post random links about travel and leisure, sports, fitness and health, food and beverage, fashion and beauty etc. But for the time being, I would share these awesome links about blogging and social media. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Google; edited by yours truly.

1. Are you planning to set up a self hosted weblog using Check this link to see how.

2. What goes before + after publishing a blog post? Check this out

3. What are the 12 must-have blogger apps? Click here

4. Learn about an affordable hosting for wordpress blog here

5. Running out of blog post ideas? Worry no more. Check these 7 Tips for that.


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