Reminders and Pieces of Advice to People Who Are Suffering From Heartbreak and/or Depression

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We may think that life may be unfair; we have to go through tough challenges (family, relationship, work, school, community, etc), we have to face unlimited problems, we have to lose from time to time so that we could gain something better. These challenges are not new to me, I, too, have lots of it. 

With that being said, I decided to ask few people on what's their advice or reminders to those who are going through difficult times specifically on heartbreak and/or depression. Below are their answers:

Heartaches are never easy: some people will not understand, and there will be ones who will be there with you through all the hardships. Cry if you have to, be sad if you need to. Be with the people who understand. The thing you have to remember everyday is that you are not alone. 

There are other people in the world who are experiencing the exact same thing you are experiencing now, or at some point have experienced it in their lifetime. And yes, they survived, they are surviving. This means it's not the end of the world. 

Just because something you wanted so bad to work failed to work doesn't mean your life is over. This is just the beginning of better things. Maybe it feels crazy painful today, it's hard to get up in the morning, and you cannot stop thinking about it or dwelling on it. Maybe it feels never-ending, like today's as painful as yesterday. 

But really, nothing lasts forever, not even the most painful heartbreak in the world. One day, you'll wake up, and the world will be a little bit brighter, and you'll realize, you're okay. You will be okay. - M. Francisco of


“If you are having a persistent feeling of sadness, emptiness, lack of desire or worthlessness, examine yourself. Have someone you can talk to who can help you sort things out and not worsen the situation. Write it down and find out what it is that is causing you to feel this way and what you can do about it. 

It's important to admit to yourself you are suffering from depression. Have someone you trust that you can talk to. Write down your feelings in a piece of paper then throw it away after. - R. Toledo of (Click here to read her full article about depression)


Seek help from other people. They may not know exactly what you're going through, but always remember that there are people who are willing to listen. Let it out, it's not easy but pain is part of our lives. And pain can definitely break us, but it can also build us up. - M. Pili

4 mate, it’s your time to clean the slate. Re-evaluate your life choices and build your own dreams for yourself. I’m in the process of re-evaluating the things I really want to do for my future. I’m trying to stand firm on my plans. Hoping the universe will conspire with life to grant it. 

If you always do what you always did or what you are comfortable of, you’ll always get what you always got. Go out and see the world. - M. Lacuesta (Click here to read her full article about heartbreak)


“At times things could get messy, turbulent, unbearable. At times problems would engulf you and sweep you over like waves trying to drown you, making sure you no longer have any fight left in you. It's as if the whole universe were conspiring against you. And so you feel powerless, defeated. Know you are not powerless, defeated as you think you are— for surely, you are strong! It's because of your strength that you faced a myriad of these problems. They were sent your way not because you needed to be crushed let alone vanquished. No. You faced them because you could confront them victoriously. You could oppose them triumphantly. 

They have been given you so you could grow even stronger. Truly, there is no growth in your place of comfort! And so they have been given you. They have been given to push you out even further. They have been sent to bring out the strength that is hiding deep inside of you — the strength that your eyes fail to see. 

So wipe your tears, little one. All is not lost. Stand up, dust yourself off. Stand up, strengthen those feeble knees. Stand up, raise those weakened hands. Stand up, hold your head high. Stand up for it is always a forward march. Stand up, put up a great fight. Stand up and carry yourself the way you are seen. Stand up and carry yourself as a victor— for that is what you really are. Stand up and carry yourself as a conqueror for that is who you are meant to be! I say stand up. Stand up!” - C. Monday 


Moving on from heartbreak is easier said than done, because you are still hoping that the main cause of break-up can still be resolved. Moving on entails a balancing act of the brain and the heart.

The crucial question, I guess is, when should you listen to your brain? Let me site a few reasons:

1. When the relationship is complicated, if not outright illicit and illegal.
2. When the relationship requires you to by-pass parental blessing.
3. When the person you’re in relationship w/ you fell-out of love with or w/o a 3rd party.
4. When long term plans and/or personal differences are irreconcilable.

If these are the reasons, you should let your brain take the driver’s seat, and do the following practical activities:

1. Give yourself time to mourn, to spit it and release the pain.
2. Spend more time w/ family and friends.
3. Do not be idle, keep your mind and body productive
4. And during “me time” or when you’re alone,  read your Bible and talk to God. I don’t  mean reciting chants or repeating lines. Talk to God as a person and pour out your soul. This is the most important part because this is where healing take place.
5. For the time being, avoid movies, books, places and situations that can make you emotional.
6. Go out and meet new friends.
7. And for the next relationship, let your brain be the gatekeeper to your heart.
- S. Santos of


What helped me? Charity. If you’re not that generous, work on a facility or company which serves the public. Human services like hospitals. After nearly 7 months, my mom coaxed me into working in a physical rehabilitation center. I worked part time as summer job for 2 months at there and it changed me. For a lot of people it might be a simple job but for me it was extremely tough especially for someone like me who has detached herself from social life and people. I hope patients didn’t notice I sweat a lot when they try to talk to me. Haha. Cold sweat.

I don’t know why but working in such facility somewhat heals me, if not completely. There’s an uplifting effect when you see people with disabilities having progress on being able to walk again. I don’t know. It’s extraordinary. It’s beautiful. It’s so gratifying when these people say “thank you” upon exiting. I felt so worthless and inadequate after the breakup but working in the clinic made me feel placid I don’t mind the work stress.
- J. Tanzo of (Click here to read her full article about heartbreak)



Get a grip - getting your heart broken doesn't mean your life has no sense or direction at all. Get a grip and pull yourself together. Save enough respect and love for yourself.

Life goes on - "it doesn't matter if you have to crawl or walk. Whatever it takes, we just have to keep moving." The world is not going to wait for you, so it's better if you'd keep your head up high and move forward than to stay sad and lonely just because you get your heart broken.
- N.Y Abad (Click here to read his full article about heartbreak)

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to those people who participated in this article. Truly, I have learned a lot and by posting this, I hope other people could also reflect on your advices. Again, thank you all!

Do you have any other tips on how to deal with heartbreak? Share it with us! Perhaps, be my guest blogger! Click here for details.

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