5 Life Lessons from Disney's Big Hero 6 Film

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What could be better than a robot that is taught to protect, learns to care and flies?! Who wouldn't want their very own Baymax? Let's be honest, Baymax is a robot, but he is so much more than that! Below are the 5 life lessons that we've learned from this family-focused and inspiring movie:

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1. View things from a different angle.

Look at something differently and discover new solutions to a problem. Look for creative ways to view the problems you’re facing. You will be surprised at the answers that present themselves. The only limit is your imagination.

2. Only the purest intentions will go far.

With the purest intentions and the Almighty by your side, no enemy big or small can prevail. Those who care criticize where necessary. Those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.

Choose your intention carefully and then practice holding your consciousness to it, so it becomes the guiding light in your life. Sacrifice and commitment are also necessary.

3. Revenge is never the answer.

Weak people revenge, strong people forgive, and intelligent people ignore. Someday, we'll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who/what caused us pain. 

We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge. But letting things unfold in their own way and own time. After all, what matters is not the first, but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race.

In times of emotional pain, forgiveness is the only cure. Revenge doesn't change anything, hence, it'll destroy you in the long run.

4. Friends come in all sizes.

Even if we don't have super science and super robots on our side, we can all learn from Big Hero 6 about how to be a better, more supportive friend. True friends will never leave you especially in hard times. When someone is in need, there's always be someone has to help.
5. Looks can be deceiving.

The movie begins with Hiro entering a robot fighting den and challenges the top dog. His robot is handily defeated and Hiro asks for a rematch. During the rematch, we see Hiro’s robot was more than meets the eye. Hiro’s robot hands it to the champion.

We can’t let looks hold us back from valuing others. Try to see others for who they truly are, not how they look or how you see them. You may look good on the outside but not in the inside and vice versa. We're able to wash the stains with water but to remove the grudge and the bad intentions sticking to our hearts is a different story.


Have you seen Big Hero 6? What are your thoughts about it? If you haven't, do you have plans on seeing this movie? Let's talk about it on the comment section below. 

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