5 Life Lessons From The Karate Kid 2010 Film

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This day marks the second month of my goal.  I am full of gratitude as I have gradually improved my self-control over the past two months on things that don't really matter. One advice I got from bff is to not entertain anything that will make you feel anxious. And after watching The Karate Kid 2010 Film (again), we've learned another sets of life's lessons:

Photo courtesy of Google; edited by yours truly.

1. Being still and doing nothing are two very different things. Being still is trying to be perfectly still and silent. You feel your feelings, you savor your thoughts and focus on the things that you want. When we procrastinate we do nothing. Getting what we want out of life, be it more money, a deeper relationship with our loved ones, or anything, requires us to overcome procrastination. The best way to overcome procrastination is to be still. In stillness we will start noticing our feelings.

2. Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up. I must say that everyone would agree with this phrase. Whatever happens in our lives, it's still up to us if we will move forward with our heads up high while holding the things that we've learned or continue in the same place where we felt incomplete and helpless.

3. Mr. Han: You think only with your eyes, so you are easy to fool. As same goes in our lives, we often look at the shallow part of our situation. We don't tend to look deeper, feel deeper, and understand deeper. Whatever situation you are in, look and feel closely with your heart on what's really important and worthy.

4. Mr. Han: When fighting angry blind men, best to just stay out of the way. Engaging in an argument with a person who is not open for constructive criticism is not worth it. They will just ignore you and will make you feel that you are the one attacking them.

5. There's no bad student, only bad teacher. We can compare this phrase to our society, environment, or the people around us. We came to this world with a pure heart but that can be easily changed when we allow evil things to consume us.  When we are surrounded by positivity and kindness, our outlook in life will instantly change as well as how we treat other people, regardless if the person has caused us pain or not.

Have you also seen this movie? What are your thoughts about it? If you haven't, would you go and check this movie out? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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