Ways To Handle Your Heartbreak Vol. 2

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This is basically a part two of Ways To Handle Your Heartbreak from my on-going survey-like post wherein I will ask people on what's their advice for those who are suffering from heartbreak and/or depression. Below is an answer that I got from an individual; I just translated it from Tagalog to English. (I will upload the rest of the list of short advices in a different post soon.)

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1. Cry - let it all out. Avoid blaming other people and getting mad (for a long time). There's no harm in crying, we're humans and it's natural that we experience pain once in a while.  

IIYAK MO NA LAHAT! ung isang bagsakan! buhos! HAGULGOL! para gumaang.. iwasan ang manisi.. iwasan ang magalit.. ok lamang ang lumuha.. ok lamang ang masaktan.. tao tayo e.. ganern talaga.. pero pag naiiyak mo na ang lahat.. ano ang next?

2. Acceptance - you can never change the past. Whatever the reason of your breakup, may it be "third party", "no spark at all", "your partner doesn't love you anymore", "your partner needs space", "you deserve better", "I need to find myself" etc.
you have to accept it.

ACCEPT IT. ehh wala namang magbabago kung magpapakalugmok ka sa pagkadurog nang puso mo.. kahit papaano ka pa nasaktan.. "third party" "walang spark" "hindi ka na mahal" "need space" "you deserve better" "i need to find my self" haha kahit ano pa yan.. you have to accept it.. that's your reality right now.. and nothing can ever change that.. kahit lumuhod ka or what ever.. hahaha.. it is what it is!

3. Get a grip - getting your heart broken doesn't mean your life has no sense or direction at all. Get a grip and pull yourself together. Save enough respect and love for yourself.

GET A GRIP. ang mahirap kasi pag nabbroken heart.. feeling mo wala nang saysay ang buhay mo.. wala ng direksyon.. get a grip man! pull your self together.. dapat nagtitira ng para sa sarili.. para hindi wasak na wasak.. hahaha ayos ba?

4. Life goes on -
"it doesn't matter if you have to crawl or walk. Whatever it takes, we just have to keep moving." The world is not going to wait for you, so it's better if you'd keep your head up high and move forward than to stay sad and lonely just because you get your heart broken.

LIFE GOES ON KAYA MOVE ON. sabi nga.. "it doesn't matter if you have to crawl, or walk. what ever it takes.. just keep on moving" hehe.. kung feeling mo eh after ng breakup ehh huminto na ang pagikot ng mundo.. tama ka.. FEELING MO LAMANG UN! hahaha.. hindi titigil ang mundo para sa iyo.. kaya mapagiiwanan ka kung tutulala ka nalamang kasi "NASAKTAN" ka.. hehe.. sorry.. pero.. ganun talaga e..

5. Forgive not only the ones who have hurted you but also yourself. Its never wrong to love, maybe its just the wrong person or wrong time.

FORGIVE.. hindi lamang ung kabilang party.. kundi pati ang sarili mo.. kasi magiisip ka nyan.. "bakit ko pa sya minahal?" mga ganun.. hindi cool yun.. hehe... minahal mo sya e.. walang mali dun.. wrong person at the wrong time siguro.. pero kahit kailan.. hindi mali ang magmahal.. hehehe ayos ba?

6. Improve yourself - your character, attitude, perspective, etc. There are a lot of ways to improve ourselves, reserve some time in making yourself better. Remember that to change and to improve are two different things, don't confuse the two.

IMPROVE YOURSELF. character, attitude, perspective. ayan.. jan kasi tayo madalas nagkakaroon ng clashes.. and take note.. IMPROVE, hindi CHANGE.. hahaha magkaiba yon ganern! anyways.. madaming ways to improve our self.. pagyamanin ang sarili.. wala namang mawawala kung bibigyan natin ng oras ang pagpapalago ng ating mga buhay.. hahaha..

7. Be productive - don't let your pain hinder the beautiful things in front of you. Spend time with your friends and/or family, get a new hobby, get yourself busy.

lastly.. do something PRODUCTIVE... kasi usually.. pag heartbroken.. kain kain tulog tulog iyak iyak.. hahaha.. ang dapat.. magenjoy.. kontakin ang mga barkada.. lumabas labas ng lungga ganern!

I know it's not easy to follow these advices but I've tried it and fortunately it worked for me. 

alam ko madaling sabihin.. mahirap gawin.. pero.. i know and i've been there.. and i've tried it.. proven na yan haha kaya wag kayong ano.. HAHAHA

This article is brought to you by our guest blogger, 
N.Y Abad

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